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Finding your home

Published on 15th March 2019

There's mechanical advice out there, but here's what I've learnt as a result of searching for a while.

This information can only come from running the mill and organising and doing viewings

  • Dealing with agents
  • ask for information on a property - even if it's a postcode so you can walk round the area - you could save time and see a better place where you do have the information
  • Hammering down on what you want, but letting this evolve by seeing things you really don't
  • Building a comprehensive contacts list - agents
  • Build a relationship with agents and a rapport - get them working for you - not all agents are the same - some are young used car salesmen, some have a greater knowledge of the wider and more local market - either way, their knowledge could become yours, but remember, without knowing it at first, your searching will give you a better generalists idea of the market than any agent covering a specific patch or territory - obvious really, as you're no doubt viewing properties in multiple areas.
  • Don't just rely on Right move and Zoopla to find properties - they're good, and they generally seem to pick up properties on the market pretty fast, but go back to basics - look on the agent's websites after you've made your contacts list, establish a contact at each agency - call them twice a week - get them to know and remind them you are seriously looking, but nobody's fool - be discerning. If you want something, stick to your guns on it, don't be cannon fodder for the agent.

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