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The Code

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On 11 October, just as I’d lost almost all my faith in television I came across The Code, an Australian TV drama. It's got:

  • investigative journalism
  • a car being pushed off a gorge with someone still inside
  • an intimate team of web news bods jamming their elbows into nasty people business
  • stunning shots of boiled and scathed Australian landscape

What you’ll notice immediately is the unique relationship between one of the main characters, the journalist, and his brother – who he lives with – the neurotic, jumper-in-the-baking-heat-wearing hacker. The development of these two characters is a reflection of the fine details that writer Shelley Birse and Director Shawn Seet have injected into this series.

I was just glad that the second episode followed the first one so closely. I was even planning to go to bed early, but now, honestly, I have a reason to stay up that little bit later.


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